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Lengacher Bros. Supports the “Code of Honor” for Higher Building Standards

September 27, 2017

Building codes and standards keep residential and commercial buildings safer but also raise the bar of quality craftsmanship in Allen County compared to other areas of the country. With all the recent major weather events, building standards and codes will become an issue of focus. In Allen County, contractors are required to be properly licensed to perform work, and must abide by rules and regulations overseen by their peers on the Building Department Board of Directors.

Lengacher Bros. is licensed, accredited and an active member of several builder organizations. To see their list of Credentials. 

In order to the maintain high standards of quality construction, Lengacher Bros. participates with builder associations and peers to help lead efforts in reviewing and evaluating relevant building codes for our community, and supports the “Code of Honor” for quality craftsmanship and safe structures.

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