Lengacher Bros. is the General Contractor for Lake Forest Cove Apartments - Lengacher Brothers Construction

Lengacher Bros. is the General Contractor for Lake Forest Cove Apartments

September 28, 2018

After more than 30 years of construction project history between Lengacher Bros. and the Jehl Brothers, a new generation of decision makers is building a project together: the Lake Forest Cove Apartments in Fort Wayne, Ind. Carole McConnell, property manager, is one of nine siblings and/or cousins involved in the project who said when it came down to planning, they never contemplated having anyone else but Lengacher Bros. manage the general contracting for them.

“When a project is locally owned from start to finish like ours, there is just a pride in what we do,” said McConnell. “We wanted someone with that same mindset who we knew and trusted – we have a history with Lengacher Bros. They are vested and genuinely care about quality work, and the people they work for.”

Lake Forest Cove Apartments, located near Georgetown Shopping Mall, will have 32 units in 17 buildings, comprising of 15 duplexes and two single units. The family owns the property and will continue to lease and maintain the apartments. They have a planned completion date in the fall of 2018.

Lengacher Bros. is the general contractor for the Lake Forest Cove Apartments, in addition to handling the framing, roofing and siding.


The Lake Forest Cove Apartments were completed this summer, three months ahead of schedule, largely due to the smooth process that included experience, trust and mutual respect.

“We did a good job of communicating and keeping things organized so that every detail was handled well – we’re hands-on so we can react quickly and keep the process going smoothly,” said Chuck Austin, project manager, Lengacher Bros. “We’re proud of the final outcome and look forward to working with Carole and Jehl family on future projects.” 

“Our family has been building with Lengacher Bros., for over 30 years but this expansion of our family business was my first time involved with the vision and design from the ground up,” said Carole McConnell, property manager. “Lengacher Bros., understood how important it is to me to continue in our family tradition of providing quality housing at affordable rates. They took my vision and gave me the tools to create a beautiful community. They were excellent to work with, kept the project on track, helped track accounting and billing, and actually completed ahead of my schedule. From the vision, to the design, to the completion, Lengacher Bros., were the perfect partners for this continuing phase of Lake Forest Apartments. We will definitely turn to them when we begin the next project.”