We've Moved! A New Building for Lengacher Bros. - Lengacher Brothers Construction

We’ve Moved! A New Building for Lengacher Bros.

February 1, 2017

As we continue to grow and move in new directions, we’ve built a new building and moved the shop, equipment and offices from the Harlan area to 6550 Old Flutter Road, Fort Wayne. This location is a more convenient and centralized area for our employees and suppliers and puts our crews closer to projects. We were fortunate to find this property and had a wonderful experience with the ladies (Lois, Wilma and Bev) with whom we purchased it from. As it turns out, we (Steve and Schely Lengacher) both had unknown connections with them, which made the transition and building process even more special. It’s been an exciting process to share with friends and family and we are extremely proud of the final outcome. So many people have helped and have been involved at some point in the process – it has meant a lot. We look forward to a successful future at this location.